We develop Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) software & platform
to maximize efficiency, minimize diagnostic errors, and reduce healthcare expenditures.


Smart microscopic camera
Artix Cameria is a portable, smart microscopic camera with user-friendly application that can instantly view microscopic images of a biosample on a smart phone

AI-driven medical image

analytics engine
Artix algorithm would help automate the analysis of laboratory tests that need microscopic interpretation and give a diagnostic support

Data management system

web-based multiuser platform
Artix will collect the medical images & data to make a global standardized database
Projects in progress

① Uncertainty Weighting
② θ-Net: Biomedical Deep Learning
ARTIX Brand (Use Case)

ARTIX Camera

On-device Deep Learning
Real-time Interactive Analysis

ARTIX Web Analytics

Cloud-based Deep Learning
More Accurate Batch Analysis

ARTIX Cloud (ARTIX Core)

Uncertainty Weighting
θ-Net: Biomedical Deep Learning